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Local | Affordable | Convenient 

Southside Disposal is a family owned and operated residential and commercial trash business located in Halifax County, VA. We offer a wide array of services from roadside garbage collection services to the only roll off dumpster service located in Halifax County. 

We can remove the burden of having to take your household or business trash to a collection center or dump station.  We truly are a family business -- on some days you can see us out on routes as a family serving the great people of Southside Virginia. We started this business to serve the great people of Southside Virginia, but more importantly for us we started this business for our 15-year-old son, Cole, to be involved with both now and in the future.

Community involvement. It's in our DNA. 

Proud sponsor of: 

-Halifax County Fair

-South Boston Speedway

(Official Waste Management & Recycling Partner)

-Halifax Soccer Club

-Numerous South Boston Speedway competitors

Less than $1 a day. Let's get started!

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